Ebby Agu

About Ebby:  In my last year of college, I made a monumental trip to Italy during spring break. I made up my mind that I would shoot my entire trip from an artistic point of view using a Sony Cybershot. When I returned from my trip, I just felt that I had found my calling and soon after the hobby turned into passion and what I do.         

I shoot anything that intrigues me but my passions lie in wedding photography as well as model/ fashion photography.  I am now in my 3rd year of shooting weddings and I love the joy that a couple gets knowing that they hired the right person for the job. I aim to please. I aim to be unconventional and capture candid moments from non conventional angles and approaches. 

Each session I shoot whether it be wedding, engagement, model or event is unique and should be treated as such with professionalism and plenty of smiles. With each shoot I try to push the limits of my personal skill the best way possible in turn you the client will always get a magical product.